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Naviator™ (Enlarge)


The NAVIATOR Miniature Dual Channel Avionics System has been developed by a highly professional team with more than twenty years experience in

designing and operating Unmanned Air Vehicles (UAV) with the Israeli UAV community, Army units and industry.
NAVIATOR  is a generic avionic system which can be easily adapted to any airframe.


• UAV’s for real-time surveillance, reconnaissance, target drones & smart weapons.
• Unmanned ground, sea and underwater vehicles.
• Airborne surveillance system management and control



• Flight control and stabilization.
• Navigation and Mission Control.
• Payload / warhead control.
• Data link management.
• System logic.
• Vehicle system monitoring and BIT.
• External access for tuning.

Special Features

• Software driven generic design.
• Full Dual channel capabilities
• Real time in-flight control loops tuning.
• Light weight and miniature design.
• Low cost.
• High MTBF.
• Robust hardware design.
• Full sensor package.
• Full peripheral capability.
• Tunable through RS232 using a dedicated PC application
• Reprogrammable Firmware through RS232 using a dedicated PC application



• MPC565 microcontroller
• 16MB static RAM
• 16MB flash
• Full air data sensor package
• Over 20 Serial channels
• 2 CAN bus
• 16 servo output
• 25 Analog inputs
• 4 PDM inputs
• 8 discrete outputs
• external watchdog
• complete galvanic isolation full EMI / RFI protection.
• –40°  to 85°C all high industrial standard components

  Naviator brochure
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