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Since its inception in 2001, Innocon Ltd. has been developing and manufacturing Tactical UAVs ranging from micro-UAVs weighing from  4kg to 200kg UAVs and converted full size light airplane to a 750kg UAV equipped with the company's proprietary command and control systems. The company delivers either complete systems or major sub-systems. 

Innocon's technological advantages are clearly demonstrated in the superior performance of its core command and control technology on all company UAVs. Combined and interoperable onboard and ground-based computers feature modular software, enabling unprecedented level of flight, including automatic take-off and landing control capabilities.

These technological achievements offer clients the advantages of a cost effective, flexible and varied use of their own platforms. These advantages include the option to operate a small and economical UAV for missions normally associated with large and heavy UAVs, the use of a particularly lightweight UAV for missions that demand flight altitudes and durations normally associated with larger and heavier UAVs, heavy UAV take-off and landing capability on unpaved and uneven terrain, and superior UAV-to-payload weight ratios.

Company clients include leading defense companies such as, Elbit Systems, Airbus PZL Poland, Romero Romania, Term Bulgaria, BAE Systems USA. DTI Thailand, Baharat electronics India  Innocon's developed and manufactured UAVs are in service in the and several NATO countries  U.S, Israel and Latin America as well as in numerous Asian and African countries.

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